Ms. DI Vinazzer has been assisting us for many years in all tasks related to patents, more than 20 European patents have been filed.
Fast, reliable answers and a great deal of experience characterize Ms. Vinazzer.

Dipl. Ing. Peter Wanek-Pusset
CEO/Innofreight Solutions GmbH

Medinoxx GmbH, based in Innsbruck, has been working with Ms. Vinazzer to its complete satisfaction for several years. Medinoxx GmbH distributes a self-developed and very innovative blister system for patient-individual supply in nursing and senior care facilities. Ms. Vinazzer is responsible for all patent applications for Medinoxx in Europe and worldwide. All patent applications and also renewals were carried out very reliably, we appreciate the very competent and friendly manner of Ms. Vinazzer. We are looking forward to future cooperation and can highly recommend Ms. Vinazzer. 

Jens Häfner, B.A. (Hons.)
CEO/Medinoxx GmbH

We have been working with Ms.Vinazzer for almost 25 years and have jointly filed numerous patents for IB STEINER and our customers worldwide. In the fields of management of patent portfolios and monetary patent valuation, Ms. Vinazzer's many years of experience and high level of competence are of big advantage.

Dipl. Ing. Gottfried Steiner
CEO/IB Steiner